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Load Balancing is not working

Dear Support,

I have 730 appliance device 1 connection connected to Airtel ILL 10 mbps 2.DMZ port Act broadband 150 mbps 3, connection usb lan a spectranet 100 mbps ,  we put into load balancing 

in routing if we assing the Ip into seperate ISP i am not getting that much of speed always i was getting trouble with speed issue  can u     Please suggest regarding this .

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First of all, please post questions about your 730 Appliance here: SMB and SMP

Second, can you elaborate on the speed issue you are experiencing?


  • What method are you testing this?
  • What is the expected result versus what do you see?

Please also elaborate on your exact configuration, including:

  • Firmware Version (In WebUI under Home > Overview > System
  • The exact features/functionality enabled (In WebUI under Home > Overview > Security Dashboard)
  • Exactly how you have configured Load Balancing for each Internet connection (Configured in each Internet connection under Advanced > ISP Redundancy)
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This will only work if you set a specific destination. Setting just "any" destination will not work, the specified IP will be balanced with the rest of the traffic in ISP redundancy.

If you set IP x.x.x.x to use ISP A when going to y.y.y.y it works.


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