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Identity Collector support on SMB Appliances

sk123858 Identity Collector support on SMB Appliances states that there is no Identity Collector support for SMB appliances. While this limitation is true with locally managed SMBs, a GAiA GW connected to Identity Collector can share that information with centrally managed SMBs. I asked for confirmation in a feedback to sk123858:

Q: As SMB GWs support Identity Sharing, is Identity Collector supported when connected to main (non-SMB) GW only and Identity Sharing between main GW and SMB is active ?

A: Identity sharing is supported in Centrally managed mode only. The SMB gateway is “agnostic” regarding the means of achieving identities used by the peer gateway, so it should work.

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Which makes sense.
The main thing is the SMB gateways don’t support the IDA API.
It will accept identities shared from other gateways that were received that way.
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