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Cp1450 S2S issue


Im running 1450 smb appliance, trying to configure S2S vpn with a remote site running Zywall firewall.

If I check the tunnel status it is active..

However, the Zywall lan devices can ping CP lan While CP lan cannot reach to devices on the remote site lan.

Encryption settings are matched on both of the appliances, unchecked remote site is a checkpoint.. 

I saw a log no proposal chosen

any ideas ? Let me know if you need more details.

Appreciate your help.



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No proposal chosen generally means the encryption settings don't match.
Is the 1430 locally managed or managed externally?
If externally, by what and what version?
What firmware version on the 1430?
Screenshots of everything you've configured (with sensitive data redacted) on both ends might also help.
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Zyxels are very picky about what Phase 2 subnets/Proxy-IDs they will accept in a proposal, while the Check Point is much more tolerant which is why traffic initiated from the Zyxel works, but from the Check Point does not.  See this article:


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