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After a factory reset, cant access via LAN1 for setup

Hello everyone. I'm a bit new to checkpoint.
I bought one in order to "play" with it and learn it,
the appliance I own is 1430.
after a factory reset, I can not access the management web interface through the default IP of
as I connect the network cable to LAN1 port it doesn't turn on as normal.(checked the cable, checked drivers for my ethernet port. checked that I connect to other devices and it works).
my suspicion is whether the port on the checkpoint is bad or maybe its some command on the CLI that I need to run in order for it to work.
the only thing I can do is work through USB and CLI, though I don't know how to configure the appliance via CLI.

does someone know a solution?

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I suspect the issue is this:
You should be able to verify this is the case using a console cable.

What do you mean, it does not turn as normal? No light on the port? No connectivity?

Lan1 is configured to provide DHCP by default. Set up your laptop to get DHCP and not a fixed IP address, and re-check

Also, what do you see if you are connected to the console port?