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APPC and URLF on SMB appliances

Hi guys!

I'm having a hard time configuring a navigation policy on a SMB appliance. It's really not working as intended as far as i'm concerned.

I was wandering if a good practice would be to allow "network protocols" category as it contains OCSP, NCSI, ssl, and other network protocols designed for navigation but im worried if this would allow pages i dont want to allow. 

I also find it works kinda randomly and sometimes i dont really dig how it works, sometimes it matches an application, sometimes the same petition does not match the application.

Lan Networks as a source should match identity awareness connections? 

Should i place a rule allowing "network protocols"?

Does anyone has any expirience on this and has already a template/good practice for nailing this?

Thanks in advance


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I think it is quite tough to block and allow all websites. If you read sk112249: Best Practices - Application Control It would be helpful..
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