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Quantum SD-WAN "Internet" connection type - routing preference types

Hi SD-WAN followers,
recently I had several questions related our internet connection routing preference types.
Quantum SD-WAN provides verity of preferences, which allow the user to choose the ones which fits it requirements. 
below you can fud further explanation about the different types and what use case it serves.


The connection (Steering Behavior) type "Internet" has these routing preference modes:

  • Local Breakout Only

  • Backhaul Only

  • Prioritize Local Breakout

Routing Preference "Local Breakout Only"

This connection type represents a direct WAN Link to the Internet.


Routing Preference "Backhaul Only"

This connection sends traffic from VPN spoke sites to the Internet through the Central VPN hub site.

This connection type enables the VPN spoke site to use the WAN / MPLS lines to reach the Internet through the Headquarters.


Routing Preference "Prioritize Local Breakout"

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