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Are the Capabilities of Quantum SASE Going to fall Short of Harmony Connect?

Good day!!

I am looking for the differences between the two SASE products that are available.

There are a number of capabilities such as web application access and non-Check Point site-to-site IPSec tunneling that I am concerned will not carry over to the Quantum area.


Let's start an Honest and open conversation about the two, to make sure Harmony Connect's (replacement) is not losing capabilities.

Harmony Connect VERSUS Harmony SASE 


1. Is Harmony Connect a Cloud-Based Solution?

  • Yes, Harmony Connect is a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution that operates in the cloud, offering secure internet and corporate network access to remote and branch office users​​.

2. What Security Features does Harmony Connect Offer for Secure Internet Access?

  • Harmony Connect provides protection against phishing, malware, and browser exploits, and includes a cloud-based Data Loss Prevention (DLP) system​​.

3. How Does Harmony Connect Support Corporate (Network) Access?

  • It offers VPN-as-a-Service for secure corporate access, supporting various applications and protocols, with a customizable Zero-Trust access policy​​.

4. Does Harmony Connect Integrate with SD-WAN?

  • Yes, Harmony Connect ensures secure connectivity for branch offices through integration with leading SD-WAN vendors, offering quick deployment and comprehensive secure web gateway features​​.

5. Does Harmony Connect Provide Clientless Remote Access?

  • Harmony Connect allows clientless access to internal corporate applications, supporting BYOD and third-party users without the need for agent installation​​.

6. How is Harmony Connect Managed and What is the User Experience Like?

  • The solution is managed via a cloud-based administrator portal, with an agent for secure remote access and a user app portal for clientless access​​.

7. Is Quantum SASE a Cloud-Based SaaS Product?

  • This requires confirmation from the vendor. If Quantum SASE is cloud-based like Harmony Connect, it would offer similar deployment flexibility and scalability.

8. What are the Comparative Features of Quantum SASE?

  • It's essential to compare Quantum SASE in terms of secure internet access, corporate network access, SD-WAN integration, and ease of use for both administrators and end-users, and identify any unique features.

9. What Should Be Considered When Comparing Deployment, Security Features, Integration, and Management Between Harmony Connect and Quantum SASE?

  • Check if Quantum SASE offers both agent-based and clientless options, evaluate the comprehensiveness of security features, consider integration with existing infrastructure and network performance, and assess the user-friendliness of administrative portals and policy management simplicity.
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Hi, you may want to check out our recent TechTalk on Quantum SASE where some of these questions are answered:

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2 Replies

Hi, you may want to check out our recent TechTalk on Quantum SASE where some of these questions are answered:


Yes I was at that Tech Talk and these questions were answered!!

Thank you good sir!

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