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version of SNX

Good morning,  As I roll out JHF78... Has anyone put together an installation package for the deployment agent, Check Point Mobile and SNX?   Otherwise users have to install each one of the three individually.   Not to mention the latest version of Java.   It would also be be nice (RFE) to see the current version of SNX when you are logged in, rather than having to go to:

On Windows:
Open %Program Files%\CheckPoint\SSL Network Extender\ver.ini file in Text Editor.

As an alternative I have users uninstall each of the 3 services in add/remove programs and log into the sslvpn web site, where they get prompted to install each one.

Some companies like to run the package thru their software management systems like system center.

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My take: If you're going to package something to install anyway, why not just install Check Point Mobile where it has a regular installer and doesn't require Java?
That said, I'm sure someone has done this with SNX...