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VPN client for MacOS not working


Since a few weeks Check Point apparently made some changes in the VPN client lineup ? 

We figured out we had to choose the 'Mobile Access' option during the setup for Windows clients to work with our gateways.

But I don't have any option to select while installing the software on MacOS, and I cannot connect the site (Negotiation with site failed, this error appears a few seconds after I enter my creds and try to connect).

Both setup files where downloaded from here :

Before, we where downloading and using successfully the 'VPN client Standalone'. 

So could someone tell me what has changed the past few weeks, why, and how I can have our Mac clients to work again with the new version ?

Thanks a lot !

EDIT: also, with that new version and even from earlier version (01-2021), we have a pesky notification about the Endpoint Security Firewall, which we don't want/need to use, and seem to be unable to get rid off unless we enable it... 


Screenshot 2021-09-07 at 10.27.09.png

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To my knowledge, nothing has changed except how macOS deals with extensions.
In 11.x, they must be explicitly enabled as shown in the dialog you posted.

Endpoint Security VPN and SNX are the only clients that are supported on Mac.
Check Point Mobile and SecuRemote are not supported on Mac.
That has not changed.

And yes, Endpoint Security VPN includes Desktop Firewall, which I believe must be enabled for the VPN client to work.
That also has not changed.

Endpoint Security VPN also requires the appropriate license on the gateway (Either legacy SecureClient/Access licenses or SandBlast Agent/Harmony Endpoint).

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Option to select/remove FW during installation might be added in one of the next releases. It wouldn't be full implementation of the Check Point Mobile.

@AndreiR  can comment more about macOS client roadmap.

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