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Remote access VPN not working

Hi all,

I am trying to establish remote access vpn between my end machine and checkpoint firewall but it's not working.

i am able to connect through vpn client but i can't reach internal subnets.

in vpn client i can see packets getting encrypted but not getting decrypted.

i added the site using gateway object in vpn client. 

Also, vpn client disconnects in few minutes and connects back and this is happening again and again.

i am missing something?

Further, i want to ask, i am using office mode. IP address is provided but it don't have default gateway and neither any route added to reach internal subnets on machine routing table.

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Going to need a lot more information to troubleshoot this, such as:

1. What OS/patch level

2. What version of client did you install in which mode

3. What do you see in logs (screenshots would be helpful)

4. How specifically did you determine packets were not being decrypted

5. What other troubleshooting steps have you performed so far

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Check your Office Mode config: Remote Access VPN R80.10 Administration Guide 
and also GW routing. Make sure Office Mode IPs are routed back to GW in your networks

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Any update on this post??  Have you found any solutions? I have pretty much the same trouble here!

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