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RADIUS as a authentication factor for new clients

Trying to authenticate new cilents (E65 and above) or mobile access portal with RADIUS as authentication factor. Gateway sends in log "Failed to generate RADIUS auth request". Same setting for older vpn client works great. 

Maybe its a known "fetature"?

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My understanding is the actual RADIUS connection comes from the gateway not the client itself, with the client merely sending the request to the gateway.

I'd open a TAC case on this issue: Contact Support | Check Point Software 

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Have toy defined the server as Radius version 1 or Radius version 2?


I had two RADIUS servers. 1st - v2, 2nd - v1

Both sends "Failed to generate RADIUS auth request" in logs


It seems I resolved this issue. Because SmartConsole does not enforce restrictions on names of Radius server object, I named it with spaces, but SmartDashboard said that spaces are prohibited and replaces it with underscore. After that I can authenticate with radius on new multi-login options.

I'll check it out more


Found this very helpful thanks - got the same error and same solution - My Radius Server was called "Radius Primary" - renaming it to RadiusPrimary removed the error.