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Connecting to Checkpoint VPN from Ubuntu


one of our clients provided me a VPN access to their internal network. They say this is a Windows only solution, but I'd strongly need to connect from an Ubuntu-desktop 16.04 machine. Following, all the info I've about this VPN:

- on Windows I had to install the Check Point Mobile Client (E83.10)

- when configuring the VPN access in the client I only provide the server IP address and I choose Username & Password authentication method

- I connect providing username and password I was given

Does anybody know if it is possible to connect to such a network from ubuntu and how to do this? Or, if it is impossible to tell from the info I have, which additional info should I get from the IT department?

Thank you in advance,

Luca Boulard



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The only official client supported on Linux is SNX.
Usually that requires connecting through Mobile Access to activate, though I suppose you can try:

We can also support StrongSWAN through a custom R80.30 release.
Formal support is planned in R81.
The community has offered a couple solutions for other L2TP clients.

All of this assumes these clients have been explicitly enabled server-side.
They may not be.

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