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Check Point Mobile connection problems

Hello everybody,

I expose you my problem:
when I try to connect through the Check Point Mobile VPN to the site of one of our customers from our internal company network I cannot.
The error that the Check Point Mobile VPN client returns is as follows:

Connection Failed
Site is not Responding

When I try the same connection, with the same credentials, with the same PC but from a different network (not the internal company one), I am able to connect successfully.

Our internal Firewall is a Check Point Version: R80.30

The policy includes a rule that allows LAN users to reach the IP of the site in question.

What could be the causes blocking the connection from the internal network?





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What precisely do you see in the logs on the gateway when you try to connect to that site?
Does your gateway have VPN configured on it at all?
There should be an option to “collect logs” on the client also, which may provide a clue.

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Look in the helpdesk.log and trac.log on the vpn client side to see what could be causing the issue.

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