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export policy package

Deseo saber si existe un procedimiento para exportar las políticas de R77.30 a R80.10

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Re: export policy package

Just so you know, you will probably get better response on most of the communities if you ask the question in English.

Are you trying to export policies from R77.30 into a newly installed R80.10 management?

You would use the migration tools for this from here: Check Point R80.10 

Are you trying to export policies from R77.30 into an existing R80.10 management that already has policies configured?

Then you probably have to do something like:

  1. Export the entire R77.30 management using the migration tools for R80.10 as above
  2. Create a new R80.10 manager in a VM or similar and migrate import the R77.30 configuration into it
  3. Use the Python tool for exporting/importing a policy package or parts of it tool to export the relevant policy and import it to the R80.10 management.