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Wrapped IOS and Andriod apps crashing

All of our for IOS fail to run unless we wrap the adhoc version. Our Android version will run one time and then fail after that. Is there something that we need to do when building these apps? Something maybe someone has come across in the wrapping process?



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App Wrapping is described here: Capsule Workspace App Wrapping 

It states explicitly: 

The application owner must supply a binary of the app(s) for the wrapping process. In most in-house apps, the customer is also the application owner. If public 3rd-party app is needed, the vendor approval is required.

Which generally means you're working with internal versions of the app (e.g. unsigned or ad-hoc signed ones).

I would not expect the process to work for App Store (Apple, Google) signed versions of applications.


So for the IOS versions you need to have an Enterprise account to use a version that is not setup for AdHoc. You aren't publishing to the IOS store, but you still have to have the Enterprise license. We actually have the IOS version working now. What is not working is the Android version. It is built on the Native React platform and it runs one time and then crashes. It shows a standard Java exception and we are working with CP to see what may be happening to the binary file when it is being wrapped that would cause the issue.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Checkpoint R&D states that they do not support Native React for app wrapping.

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