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The new Devices Tab on Harmony Mobile Dashboard

In recent enhancements to improved the UI of Harmony Mobile dashboard we made some nice changes to devices screen in the dashboard.

We have added 2 new columns to the table:

1. "UEM" - shows which UEM/MDM the device is managed by

2. “Member of” - shows the groups the device is part of.

The group view has moved from the left panel into the “Filter” function. Group management is available under the “Groups” button.

The top bar has also changed, aggregating a few of the options under one button (the “More actions” button).

In addition, all MDM integrations are also accessible now from this screen under the “Connected MDM” button.

check out screenshot below...


IN the enhanced search you can now search with a combination of several fields + containing text - for example show all devices by Name & Email 



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