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Some questions about the Capsule Workspace

Hi all

Does anybody know the answer as below questions about the Capsule Workspace?

1.Can we support the mobile user can not screen scraping in the capsule workspace?

If can, then how to achieve it?

2. Can the workspace users change their AD password in the capsule workspace?

If can, also how?

Thanks in advance.

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1. I don't fully understand the question but I suppose you don't want the enduser to be able to copy-paste outside the app? You can use the mobile access setting under "Capsule Workspace Settings, choose your used profile and then under "General" you can uncheck "Allow sharing of data outside of the Capsule Workspace container". If someone then tries to copy paste elsewhere, they'll get "Pasteboard secured by Check Point";
This however does not help against screenshotting the current view.

2. No, I don't think you can change your AD password, only PIN/Passcode of capsule itself.


What's to prevent someone from just taking a picture of their phone with a different phone?

Nothing Smiley Happy

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