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How is the device risk calculated in the SandBlast Mobile Dashboard?

The Administration Guide mentions that device risk is based on the "accumulative" threat risks levels found on a device as well as the different settings. But it does not give any indication of how the calculation is actually accomplished. Will a device with several or many Medium risk applications be categorised as "High" risk? or will "High" risk be only assigned to a device if it has actually a "High" risk alert (due to apps or settings)?

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Hi Javier,

1. This is a very good question! Actually, a device risk is based on aggregation of all security events that happened on the device. 

2. If device has 10 "medium risk" events on the device, device's risk would be "Medium". In the end, we will take the worst event on the device, and then we will decide upon this risk. If you have 9 Medium events and 1 high, the device's risk would be "high".

3. Hope this answers your question Smiley Happy




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