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Existing SBM customers - Migration to Harmony Mobile in Infinity Portal

Dashboard Migration to Infinity Portal - we are starting!


We are happy to announce that we start the migration process of SandBlast (newly branded Harmony Mobile) management dashboards into Check Point’s Infinity Portal (started on March 3rd, 2021). 


Infinity Portal is the new home for all Check Points SaaS security products where you can easily manage your Check Point products within a single console. 

Using the new portal is simple and intuitive, the SandBlast Mobile management dashboard user experience is kept very similar to the current dashboard’s user experience. The main difference is in the login process. 


The migration process is automatic but requires your participation in selecting a new or existing Infinity Portal Account to which your current dashboard will be migrated. During the process your dashboard data is not being changed or moved, it is basically being mapped to your new Infinity Portal SandBlast Mobile dashboard.


Click here for a quick introduction video to learn what the process should look like.


Timelines: The migration process has started on March 3rd, 2021 and continues until the end of March-2021. During this time you will be able to start the migration or opt-out simply by closing the migration request window. Starting April 1st 2021 migration will be mandatory for all.


For any comments or questions, please contact your check point representative or check point support.

Thanks you for your cooperation.

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Hi. We are evaluating Harmony Mobile and have a few licenses. Did the migration in May from the SandBlast portal to the new Infinity Portal. We had one iPhone connected to the old SandBlast portal. But the iPhone is still connected to the old sandblast portal.  Tried to remove the profile and the app many times, and sent new invitation links from the new infinity portal. But the iPhone still connects to the old portal. That portal is not accessible as it has been migrated to the new one. Anyone knows how to get the iPhone to forget about the old portal and connect to the new one?

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Hi Tobias - we need detailed info here to troubleshoot this case - the bets thing will be to open a TAC ticket and specify the issue. to start please figure out which dashboard the device is connecting to? you can do that form the device itself by clicking the right top (...) and look at settings-->about see the dashboard ID or management ID you are connecting to

you can also work directly with Raz from my team (



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