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Error importing certificates to android capsule vpn

Hi guys,


  Need to create a site in Android Capsule latest to a cluster that's using Personal certificates + Dynamic ID (SMS).

  Tool offers to Enroll,  Get from Keystore and Import (file) from storage. Using the import from storage but it always says cannot find file in sd card.


  Do I need to save the p12 file in an specific folder ?

  And will I need to keep the file on my phone after site is created, like the desktop version?

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I'm afraid you created the post in a wrong category. This category is for Harmony Mobile (Formerly SandBlast Mobile) and I think your problem is related to Remote Access (VPN).


However, were you able to replicate problem on another devices with the same behavior? AFAIK, the file doesn't need to be allocated in an specific folder neither be kept on this folder for a correctly working. Once you import the file Capsule will get it and you could delete from device.


If it's a problem with all devices, I also recommend you to open a ticket with TAC in order to check Gateway.



Alberto Araque
Emerging Tech Security Expert – Iberia
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