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Anyone using CheckPoint SandBlast Mobile Security App ?

I'm looking for some actual real-world tangible everyday reviews of CheckPoint "SandBlast" mobile security App for iOS and Android. Our Cybersecurity team is considering testing/evaluating it,. and may be asking for my input on how to integrate that into our MDM deployment,etc.

But all I'm finding for SandBlast are the usual slick marketing pamphlets and click-bait hoorah hoorah "it's so great". I'd like to find some actual fair analysis. (that is presuming anyone is using it.. which I'd presume CheckPoint is fairly "behind the times".. but that could just be ignorant prejudice on my side).

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Hi @SheldonJawline 

Funny enough, you are asking this in SandBlast Mobile space, where we have enough chatter to make sure the solution is real. I can also assure you that most of 5000 Check Point employees are using it on their mobile devices daily. 

We do have detailed integration documents, but it depends on what you are looking for, which MDM solution, etc. The best would be to reach out to your local Check Point representative to get some help. 

I would give you a hand here, but your super scrambled account kinda prevents me redirecting you to the right people. Let me know if you still need any help with that. You can PM me, if needed.




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