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Changing VSX gateway hostname and IP

I had VSX gateway configured with VS1 with the name  "SCMgateway" with IP . Now I have changed the name to "SCGgateway" with IP and reset the SIC.

I have deleted the old object in the CMA and tried to add the VSX gateway with new name and SIC .. I got an error "this is not new VSX gateway " and aborted the process.

I had to re-image and reconfigured the gateway and it worked.

How to avoid such issue.....any proper procedure to do it...?

Need suggestion

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You must use vsx_util tools on management to do that. Help available from command line or SK

vsx_util reconfigure # Restores VSX configuration on gateway.
vsx_util upgrade # Upgrades gateway/cluster version.
vsx_util add_member # Adds a cluster member.
vsx_util add_member_reconf # Restores VSX configuration following an add member operation.
vsx_util remove_member # Removes a cluster member.
vsx_util change_private_net # Changes the cluster private network.
vsx_util change_mgmt_ip # Changes the management IP of a member/gateway.
vsx_util change_mgmt_subnet # Changes (or Adds) the management IP of a cluster/gateway to a new subnet.
vsx_util change_interfaces # Changes between selected interfaces on all Virtual Devices.
vsx_util vsls # VS Load Sharing configuration menu - status, redistribute, configuration export/import.
vsx_util convert_cluster # Converts the ClusterXL mode between High Availability and VS Load Sharing.
vsx_util view_vs_conf # View Virtual Device configuration on Management versus VSX gateways.
vsx_util show_interfaces # Shows configuration of selected interfaces.

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Use 'reset_gw' command on the gateway. Refer to sk101690 for more details.