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Why you should wear a pink hat!

We all are familiar with the term black hat, white hat, grey hat and green hat. Today I want to talk about the pink hat! And why you should wear it!

New technology adoption opens the door to unknown attacks that outpace standard security relying on a traditional patchwork of firewalls, antivirus, and intrusion protection. Most of the time these new technologies come with technical complexity. And often an increased attack surface. Think of IoT devices and the integration of industrial operating technologies with internet access. But also cloud technologies diversifying into virtual machines, containers, serverless apps, Function as a Service (FaaS) and microservices brings us to today’s 6th generation of technical complexity.

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How to protect your organization against these sophisticated Gen 6 cyberattacks? 

It begins by embedding lightweight Nano security agents in every real and virtual device to provide complete security coverage in all environments. Their small size makes them suitable to embed in smart conferencing units, security alarms, wearable medical devices and other IoT and IIoT (Industrial IoT) devices and smartphones. To provide the needed types of security controls, each Nano agent calls on the threat intelligence capabilities of Check Point ThreatCloud. The agent/cloud-engine portion of the architecture is able to deliver true preventative security for every asset and with minimal latency. 

This architecture uses advanced central management for all security engines and security agents. This gives security professionals total visibility of all environments through one user interface and simplifies management of security and access policies for network, cloud, SaaS, mobile devices, endpoints, and IoT devices. Deployment of hundreds of agents and security engines on demand greatly simplifies procurement as compared to sourcing security from dozens of independent vendors. To complete your Gen 6 roll out, you can replace legacy point solutions such as firewalls, web application security and email security.

Gen 6 security architecture based on agents, cloud security engines and consolidated management is the silver bullet of today’s organizations. Offering simplicity and reducing costs.

Ask yourself: “It is this IoT device really secure? Be curious and start wearing your pink hat! #secureyoureverything

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