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SCADA/ICS - Motorola MDLC-IP-GW protocol

Hi everyone,

I am happy to share with you further information about one of the latest protocols we added to SCADA/ICS supported protocols list.


  • Protocol Name: MDLC-IP-GW
  • Owner: Motorola Solutions
  • Supportted hardware: Motorola ACE and MOSCAD Remote Terminal Units (RTUs)
  • Protocol details: the MDLC is the seven layer protocol used by MOSCAD that conforms to the ISO recommendation for Open System Interconnection (OSI). It is designed for on-radio use and allows multiple logical communication channels per communication medium, thereby making possible simultaneous Host-to-RTU, RTU-to-Host, and RTU-to-RTU data sessions
  • Field of use:  Oil & Gas, Water utilities, Power utilities or georgraphically distrubuted systems  
  • SCADA field installtion:


  • Domaning regions: Americas, LATAM and EMEA
  • Check Point Application Control blade support:
    10 functions +protocols recognition 
  1. Broadcast to RTU
  2. Connect
  3. Get IPGW Time
  4. Get RTU Time
  5. Poll Change of State (COS) from RTU
  6. Poll RTU Table
  7. Send Value to RTU
  8. Set IPGW Time
  9. Set RTU Time
  10. Sync Time
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