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Nano Agent - One pager for ISPs and Telco (Great Britain)

Why IoT security is a Must

ISPs and Telcos must protect the IoT devices that they operate. It includes routers, CPEs, gateways, and edge devices that they deploy at their customers.

As the IoT network grows, so does the vulnerability to attacks, heightening security threats. By using secure devices, these providers defend their customers' network and data against cyber dangers like unauthorized access, data breaches, and other malicious activities. This not only protects customer privacy and security but also builds and retains user trust and loyalty. In a crowded market, being more secure is appealing to consumers who value the safety of their IoT devices. Furthermore, offering robust and secure services helps maintain network reliability, stability, and resilience, reducing the impact of compromised devices. This is crucial for ISP and Telcos to stay abreast of the evolving IoT technology landscape.

Read more in attached UK focused Service Provider One-Pager!

GB Telco.JPG

Figure 1: Overview of Nano Agent secured CPE device with optional fleet management and value-added services.

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