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IoT Protect TechTalk August 2022: Video, Slides, and Q&A

Slides are attached, Q&A is listed below the video.


The first time I became aware of possible IoT issues was the "Ripple20" demonstration (TCP/IP) stack deep inside (never changing) parts of "unsuspicious" un-patchable hardware devices

Ripple 20 is just one example. you can look on recent discovered TLStorm and TLStrom 2.0 as well.

How is Check Point Protected loaded onto the firmware of the IoT device?

The device manufacturer must integrate our Nano Agent into the firmware of the device. It is not something an end user can integrate on their own.

Do you keep a list of the manufacturers that have decided to integrate Check Point Protect into their IoT devices?

The public ones are listed on our website.

What you are doing for camera should be possible for energy meter also. are the threat vectors similar? Are you doing this with any OEM of Energy Meters?

You are correct. We are having conversations with manufacturers of Energy meters at this moment and we will start a POC with one of them very soon.

You say we identify the attack no matter where it happens, does this include BlueTooth?

We are looking for specific k

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