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How the Nano Agent can improve your daily operation

Figure 1: Overview KPIs IoT device manufacturersFigure 1: Overview KPIs IoT device manufacturers                                                                       Figure 1: Overview KPIs IoT device manufacturers

The other day I had the privilege to host a webinar to educate our SE Ecosystem about our sophisticated Embedded IoT Nano Agent offering. So much fun to pitch this solution and inform our force why prevention pays.

We understand IoT device manufacturers are already under high pressure to quickly deliver high quality IoT assets in a very competitive market.

market challenges.jpg


market challenges 2.jfif                                                                               Figure 2: Overview IoT market challenges

Our Nano Agent improves the daily operation by delivering a higher efficiency, increased safety and security. By optimizing the business process with effective testing, faster operation and efficient productivity. All in a cost-effective manner! And did you know the Nano Agent makes sure you will comply with key elements in mandatory regulations and other legislative acts, i.e., data protection?

Check Point’s Embedded IoT solution – The Nano Agent solution consist of 2 parts:

  1. Firmware Risk Assessment. Refer to:
  2. Embedded Nano Agent. Want a demo or eager to learn more?

Guess what? You can combine the Firmware Risk Analysis within the CI/CD process.

ci cd.jpg

                                                      Figure 3: Detailed overview of the DevOps process CI/CD

In conclusion, IoT security is crucial for ensuring the safety and integrity of connected devices and their sensitive data. A robust and effective IoT security solution should encompass several key aspects. Firstly, it should provide security inside the device itself, ensuring that the device is protected at its core. Additionally, it should offer run-time protection to safeguard the device during its operation.

One important feature of an ideal IoT security solution is its ability to operate without relying on patches or signature dependencies. This means that the solution can protect the device without the need for constant updates or specific signatures. Moreover, it should be independent of management or cloud dependencies, allowing for seamless integration and operation without external dependencies.

A valuable IoT security solution should also provide low-level protection, working on the system level without requiring access to the device's code. This ensures a higher level of security and prevents potential exploitations of known and unknown vulnerabilities. Furthermore, it should focus on protecting against different types of attacks rather than specific attacks, offering a comprehensive defense in depth strategy with a very low foot print.

An effective IoT security solution should be suitable for devices with limited resource-constrained IoT devices (soft- and hardware). It should be able to protect various resources, including generic memory modules, files, processes, network usage and user logins. By safeguarding these critical components, the solution ensures the overall security and stability of IoT devices. Providing a very strong security posture. Implementing such a solution is vital for ensuring the security and reliability of the IoT ecosystem.


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