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Denial-of-Service Vulnerability in PROFINET Devices via DCE-RPC Packets

Hi Experts,

I want to share with you details about sever vulnerability published yesterday by Siemens and is related to large number of Siemens products which uses PROFINET-IO.

Products that include the Siemens PROFINET-IO (PNIO) stack in versions prior V06.00 are potentially
affected by a denial-of-service vulnerability when multiple legitimate diagnostic package requests are
sent to the DCE-RPC interface.


Siemens has released updates for part of the affected products, but still is far from releasing update to all of the affected products.


Until Siemens will release update to all of the affected products, Siemens recommend customers to disable PROFINET (if possible) or to create a firewall rule that blocks the PROFINET Context Manager port (34964/udp)



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