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SandBlast Now News - June 2020

Latest Image

Our latest image – blink_image_Check_Point_Now_80.40.0.8.

(When reimaging an appliance, please always install the latest release. )

This Take includes:

  • Reactivate command – used for moving a sentry from one domain to another. Simply deactivate it on the old domain, move, and reactivate
  • Support for 23900 and Quantum appliances
  • Identity Awareness support
  • Cooperative Inspection (Beta)
  • CloudGuard TAP for AWS Traffic Mirroring

Portal News

  • Look and feel – due to popular demand, we’ve aligned our portal with the Infinity Portal
  • Revamped user authorizations model
    • User identification is now based on the user’s email
    • The Users tab now controls authorization to the domain – the user receives a new user registration email only the first time he’s added to the system
    • If you create multiple domains via the domain registration page (, you will be able to access them all with a single certificate
  • Monitored Domains
    • You can now create ‘subdomains’, with their own sentries, users, etc.
    • A user on the monitoring domain can see all monitored domains’ objects
    • Designed for MSSPs who monitor multiple customers, it can also be used by customers to partition their sentry estates
  • System Events – a flexible logging and auditing facility provides easy troubleshooting and monitoring
  • Analytics
    • Improved “Settings” tab allows you to define internal IP ranges (so they appear as circles instead of squares)
    • Threat Treemap – grouping detections by sector, subdomain, sentry, or threat category

Threat Intelligence Management (EA)

  • Please reach out to Check Point R&D team for participation in the EA program
  • Provides user interface for manual editing and bulk operations
  • Includes support for STIX/TAXII Input Feeds
  • Data Sets can also be delivered to gateways using the sk132193 Custom Intelligence Feeds facility
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