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Hola Buenas tardes,

Lo primero Feliz 2022 a tod@s,

Tengo un problema cuando voy a instalar en mi MDS, a la hora de instalar la CMA correspondiente, no me deja editar la hora a la que quiero que se instalen las politicas

El problema que me aparece no se soluciona dandole al borde, intentando tener suerte y darle a la x para cerrar la ventana

En este caso esa solución no vale, se queda frito por completo y si lo intentas cerrar por desesperación parece un paint 🙂

Necesito poder editar la hora a la que quiero que se instalen, alguien me podria decir algún consejo ?

Gracias de antemano

Un saludo


Hello Good afternoon,

First of all Happy 2022 to all of you,

I have a problem when I go to install in my MDS, when installing the corresponding CMA, it does not let me edit the time at which I want to install the policies.

The problem that appears to me is not solved giving him to the border, trying to be lucky and to give him to the x to close the window.

In this case that solution does not work, it stays completely fried and if you try to close it out of desperation it looks like a paint 🙂

I need to be able to edit the time at which I want to install, someone could tell me some advice ?

Thanks in advance

Best regards


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Is there any chance you are working in a different magnification (not 100%) or viewing SmartConsole through a remote system like Citrix?




Hello good afternoon,

I use smartconsole R81.10, and I have found these solutions:

Apparently it is a problem of the memory used by the CKP related to Java.

For this we press escape, 3 times to 4 should return to present the pop up correctly.

Another solution is that a colleague of ours does not expel of the session completely :$

*Thank you very much for your comment, and if you come up with an idea or someone from the forum, great!

Checkpoint to the moon

Best regards


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Epsum factorial non deposit quid pro quo hic escorol.

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