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local firewall rules to allow smb traffic from a Ad security group or CPHE virtual group

We are looking to use the firewall and compliance blade of Harmony Endpoint to block smb connections to computers from non-IT machines as IT machines Can be on multiple different vlans ( IT, AOVPN, other areas when a tech is posted in an area that is currently having issues) I was hoping to set two rules.


one that allows smb traffic from an AD security group or checkpoint virtual group, followed by one that blocks all smb traffic, however when I have tried to do this I seem unable to set an AD group or virtual group as a source. there is an option to set a domain group as source, but I am unable to find anywhere that says how you define what a domain group is.


Any suggestions?

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A domain group is an object that contains multiple domain objects.
A domain object refers to a specific FQDN. 

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