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harmony endpoint proxy bypass

Hello community,

Didnt find any answers in harmony admin guide or on the community. 
I'm starting to deploy Harmony Endpoint on windows servers in my company and wondering if there is a way to bypass the system proxy (netsh winhttp set proxy command)  for example some switch during installation

Just don't want to push whole traffis throug our proxy server 😉


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I would think you could configure the proxy settings via GPO to bypass the specific locations in question so it doesn't go through the proxy server.

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I have a problem relating to this.  I'm using Azure authentication (sk172909) which works a treat - BUT - I need to put in a proxy bypass for for this to work. 

When I bypass then Outlook will no longer log in to O365.  I guess some parts of the login going via the proxy and some parts not makes it break.

So I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place now.

I found sk116604 which is supposed to disable proxy settings for Endpoint, but this doesn't work either 😞

Has anyone else found a way around this yet?

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