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What we did to get Windows 10 Feature release to install with FDE and 81.10

We had a difficult type upgrading our machines from Windows 10 feature release 1703 and 1803 to 1809 or 1903 because there were a few things that were not clearly explained to us. I want to explain all of them in this post in case someone else needs help in the future. The steps we needed to perform: 1. Set the correct settings in the BIOS. This includes turning off secure boot and RAID, if applicable. There is a whole list of things that can be found elsewhere on the site and is well documented. 2. Upgrade to Checkpoint 81.00. 81.00 has since been replaced with later versions, but 81.00 was necessary starting with 1903. 3. Install the registry key and set it to BCDBoot. We installed via UEFI and without this registry key being added either manually or via script, the setup failed or worse, put the laptops in to recovery mode. The registry key is "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\CheckPoint\Endpoint Security\Full Disk Encryption\UEFIInstallationMode" It can be done by running the script "fdecontrol.exe get-uefi-bootmode" from the correct CheckPoint directory from command prompt. 4. Update drivers. The most important being the Intel RST driver in our case, but the drivers necessary to upload can be determined by manually running a windows install once all other steps are completed and any necessary drivers will halt the install. If you have the time and energy, patch your BIOS and drivers to the current version. I think that's everything. I hope others in the community can add to this list, if they have other items they found to be helpful.
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Hi, thanks for sharing your experience.
The frequent updates of Windows 10 is one reason we are regularly releasing new versions of the Endpoint Suite on a regular basis.
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