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What does the web protection actually do?

Hi everyone,
I was searching the community for answers but couldn't find it (or missed it).

I was wondering what the web plugin/extension actually does. Does it check downloads and websites only? Is it required to use the URL & Web filtering or is this handled by the Check Point client?

Thanks in advance.

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Harmony Browse – Includes user credential compromise protection, Anti-Malware, Zero-day Phishing, URL filtering.


Harmony Browse provides an independent security layer for internet access that protects the last mile, capturing all threats that get through existing email security, endpoint security, and application security. Harmony Browse may be paired with any secure web gateway or endpoint security solution to provide enhanced web security.

It can be used standalone or as part of the Harmony Endpoint suite.



Threat Extraction - Removes exploitable content, reconstructs files to eliminate potential threats and delivers sanitized content to users in a few seconds. (Content Disarm & Reconstruction)

File type support: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint


Threat Emulation - Threat sandboxing to detect and block unknown malware and targeted attacks found in downloaded files, and URLs to linked files within emails

Provides protection across widest range of file types, includes MS Office, Adobe PDF, Java, Flash, executables, and archives, as well as multiple Windows OS environments.

Uncovers threats hidden in SSL and TLS encrypted communications.


Zero-Phishing - Real-time protection from unknown phishing sites

Static and heuristic-based detection of suspicious elements across websites requesting private info


Corporate Credential Protection - Detection of corporate credentials reuse on external sites.


URL Filtering - Allow/block access to websites in real-time

Enforces organization policy for safe internet for users on/off organization premises, enforces regulation compliance, improve organization productivity


HTTPS Inspection - Full visibility to HTTPS traffic


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