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Remote install of Endpoint Security Client

We are currently in deployment phases migrating to Checkpoint Endpoint Security client. Therefore currently not all devices have  the Endpoint Security Client with installed. When users are suddenly working from home and need VPN access we scramble to install Endpoint Security Client with VPN blade.

We want to ideally do this remotely by installing the initial client and then letting it download the required package. However, we get an error message stating that the device Security ID is not found. The laptops are only disconnected from the LAN for max 7 days before we try this remote install.



The initial client does connect to the cloud server but i guess the server seems to think the computer is not part of our AD?

We regularly rescan using file based scanner within SmartEndpoint. Is there anything remotely we can do to fix this or anything within the SmartEndpoint settings that need reconfiguring?


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I should add that our current work around to to transfer the complete 600MB+ package. We still receive same notification about Security ID but if we connect to VPN then 'Shutdown the Network Protection' the client connects to the server OK, we then turn back on the Firewall.
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