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Native Encryption for Mac FDE

My customer has Endpoint Security server R77.30.03 plus the Native Encryption [for Mac FDE] hotfix, and the latest SmartConsole suite (the "E81.40 and higher"; the one linked even from the new E82.00 SK).  Even after cpstop/cpstart from the server hotfix, the Native Encryption menu options don't appear in SmarEndpoint! I *know* the server has the bits (I found the "fde_mac.jar" and related strings in the WSDL files courtesy of heavy grep'ing; heh).  I *know* SmartEndpoint has the bits because I see it when I open it in Demo mode.

Regardless, when I connect SmartEndpoint to the server, the Native Encryption recovery options don't appear! Freaky... anyone else have this issue?

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Might want to open a TAC case.
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