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Is SandBlast Mobile operating similar to SandBlast Agent?

Does SandBlast Mobile is operating similar to SandBlast Agent? Because the SandBlast Agent is needed to protect endpoint clients from web, phishing as well as collect forensic data. So mobile phones are also endpoint clients, of course they have differences, but are this deffirences huge?

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The purpose is same to prevent Zero-Day and any other attacks. I think both of them optimized to supported OS and related features. 

SandBlast Agent

Augments traditional AV at the endpoint
Prevents evasive attacks
Protection for web downloads
Phishing via zero day sites
Preventing reuse of corporate credentials
Anti exploit protection during run time
Detect and quarantine infected devices
Automated Forensics and remediation
Dedicated Anti Ransomware solution

SandBlast Mobile

Prevent Zero-Day Malware

Infected Apps

MitM Attacks over Wi-fi


Secure Browsing

SMS Attack

OS Exploits

Device Settings


Thank you for you assistance. But could you explain what are the zero day sites? Actually I know what is the zero day attack, but how it refers to the web sites? Or do you mean, that client can be infected by zero day file via these sites, so they are called zero day sites?

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The big difference is that SandBlast Agent is only a part of Endpoint & SandBlast Agent that includes several Endpoint Security Blades (FW; ME & FDE; AV or SandBlast Agent Next Generation AV; Anti Ransomware a.o.).

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