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I install the capsule docs viewer and editor, but only the viewer works. It seems fine, i check the configuration and compare with other and its the same. I open a DOC and nothing happend, and when i tried to protected some files, it appears: The file can

The plugging dont appear, i reinstall the program a lot of times.

if someone have an idea please help me.

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Unfortunately, we need a bit more context around your question.


  • What version/patch level of which Operating System?
  • What versions of Capsule Docs?
  • What versions of Office in use? (or other apps, as appropriate)
  • Explain "Check the configuration and compared with other and it is the same." 
    • Specifically, what configuration did you check?
  • Define "nothing happened." What was the expected behavior?

Screenshots as appropriate will be helpful.

Also, we have a separate space for Capsule Docs‌, which I've moved this query to.

I would also encourage you to edit your original post so it has a much shorter subject.

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