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Global Policy Exceptions

Hi team,

I think the granularity of our console is good but at the same time, it can be a bit confuse where should we configure an exception as there are multiple places to configure. Regarding just SBA blades there are up to 3 places where we can configure exceptions:

SBA Forensics, Remediation and Anti-Ransomware. There could be exceptions for Certificates, Files, Folders, MD5 Hashes, SHA1 Hashes and File Extensions.

- SBA Anti-Bot. There could be exceptions for Processes, URLs, Domains, Protection Names, IP Ranges.

- SBA TE and TX. There could be exceptions for Folders, Domains and SHA1.

If we add Anti-Malware blade, we could also make exceptions for Files, Folders and Extensions.

I think we could simplify this in some ways, couldn't we? Smiley Happy

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I like this idea as when trying to make exceptions for company applications that are getting flagged, it gets tedious trying to go through each blade and making the same exception.  I would like to see an option to make an exception that applies to all of the Sandblast Blades, but I would keep Anti-Malware separate as I would still like to have some sort of protection for the exception items in Sandblast just to be safe.  

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The power of granularity some times creates management issues, however each blade is a different product with different purpose under one application. 


Charris Lappas

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