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First Release - Learning Mode To Best Practice Methodology

I am pleased to finally share with you a methodology I have written from my many years of expertise with Check Point Solutions.

endpoint image - Learning mode.jpg


Learning mode to Best Practice methodology was created to help you start and better utilize Check Point solutions. At the end of the process, you will be able to apply the Best Practice configuration while tailoring the solution to the organizational needs and maximizing the security effectiveness with minimal overhead to IT and Users experience

Start from sk152772 - Learning Mode to Best Practice Methodology and subscribe to updates!

The first release is for Check Point SandBlast Agent and includes the following SKs:

“Always Be yourself, unless you can Be Batman, then always be Batman”
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I have recently joined the checkmates forum, I wanted to start a new pots but seem unabel to at the moment. 

Please consider this scenario......................... 

There are multiple devices on two networks with a Checkpoint FW in between the two networks. The networks contain Operational Technology devices in a manufacturing environment. Due to organic growth and mis-management there are many ANY-ANY rules on the FW. This needs to be remediated; however, there are legacy systems that current operatives don't have any history of. i.e. we don't know the traffic flows or the ports that need to be enebaled/disabled to effectivly manage the traffic. Is there a Learning Mode on the CP FW that would be able to monitor and report traffic flows over a period of time ?

CP FW model unknown at the moment but can provide if needed.





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