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Endpoint Web Management Policy Server

Hello CheckMates,

Does somebody know if it is possible to have policy servers on a endpoint deployment managed on the cloud?

I have checked "Endpoint Security Web Management R81 Administration Guide" but there is not info related to policy servers.

Basically we are trying to reduce the Internet bandwidth usage. I am aware of super node mode on a endpoint client, but this only covers the antimwalre updates. According to R80.40 docs, policy servers handles many kind of requests:

  • All heartbeat and synchronization requests.

  • Policy downloads

  • Anti-Malware updates

  • All Endpoint Security client logs (the Endpoint Policy Server is configured as Log Server by default)

Are policy servers supported on Endpoint Web Management? or is there something similar we can use to reduce the traffic generated from endpoints to Internet? Thanks in advance.


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Not aware of any particular limitation in this area. 
@Kobie_Bendalak do you happen to know?