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Endpoint VPN Office Mode smb shares


Is it possible to access smb shares from the local network that an endpoint VPN client in office mode connects to?


client A is connected via VPN office mode and has IP, VPN is connected with secure domain logon so the client has no problem accesing shares from the local domain.
client B is on the local network and has IP

client B shares a folder that client A can access.

client A shares a folder client B cannot access.

client B can ping client A


No known rules in the gateway blocks traffic from to everything is logged and can't see any accepts, no drops or blocks related to smb

In testing the firewall blade on client A has been set to accept all incoming with logs and it shows no activity when trying to access smb, the icmp is logged though.


Am i missing something here or is it just by design?

The reason this is needed is so we can push software to everyone that suddenly works remotely.

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Employee Employee

Can you tell us a little more about your configuration, are "hub mode" and "back connections" options enabled?

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back connections was not activated, hub mode is.
Though i managed to find that connections on port 445 gets to the client and is accepted in the endpoint firewall so it should work.

Tried with back connections on and no change

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