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Endpoint Security E80.81 Release

E80.81 is now available.

New Features:

  • Full Disk Encryption - Support for NVMe-based Opal Self Encrypting Drives.
  • Anti-Exploit - ROP exploit protection for the Firefox browser.


  • Anti-Bot
    • Improved triggering of the forensics report when the URL contains specific characters.
  • Anti-Ransomware
    • Optimization of the size of the backup database.
    • Reduced the number of false positives by improving the handling of the exclusions policy.
    • Invalid paths are removed from the exclusions policy.
    • Honeypot files are deleted after the client is upgraded.
  • Anti-Exploit
    • Improved interoperability with Capsule Docs.
    • Improved compatibility with third-party Microsoft Office add-ins.
  • SandBlast Agent for Browsers - Web Extension
    • Improved handling of policy settings that are updated through the Windows registry.

Refer to sk123051 for more information on E80.81 release.

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