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Decryption of a drive with the MBR damaged

A laptop is encrypted, the OS crashed, in system repair the fixmbr and fixboot command was ran.


The preboot authentication doesn't load.

Actions taken:

The decryption has been tried with a recovery media but no volume was found.
DMU tool fails to decrypt with the message "Can't find system area, try using recovery file instead"

Loading the recovery file in DMU gives the authentication window for the selected drive but after authenticating nothing happens. The drive isn't accessible.

What else can be done to recover the data from the drive?

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You may want to open a case with TAC for this to see if they can do anything with recovering the drive but from my experience, we have lost the data on the drive whenever they crash and cannot be seen in the DMU.  I have had some luck on failing drives being able to be recovered using the DMU, but never the completely failed ones. 

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