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Employee Alumnus

Sandblast for O365 licensing

Hi All Experts,

   I have a customer who is interested to our Sandblast for O365 service. His company have 1000 mailboxes on O365 but he want to buy 50 licenses to their VIP end users first. Is it possible? And how we can manage those 50 mailboxes?

   I have a trial account of Sandblast for O365 and I cannot find where to manage the mailbox but only how to associate the account to the cloud service.



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The policy that you set will determine which mailboxes are scanned.

You can limit this to specific users (e.g. your VIPs).

What's not clear is what happens when you exceed 50 users.

Perhaps‌ can elaborate on this point.

Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Thanks Dameon!

Hi Sammo,

As Dameon mentioned, this is possible and configure via the policy in the management tab in the account's SandBlast Cloud dashboard. Under the 'Email Destination' box within the relevant rule you can select the destination mailboxes (or "who this rule applies to") configured per the O365's AD groups.

Make sure that you also have a relevant license for the amount of mailboxes and that you have associated the license.

For more information on this or anything else related to SBC, feel free to refer to the step by step guide. The latest version can be found in the POC guidelines: TE wiki page under 'Best Practices and Cookbooks'.

Good luck!