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Harmony Email Quarantine release by Users with multiple email addresses

Hi guys,

We are about to deploy Harmony email and office in inline mode and have a question.

When a user with multiple email addresses (secondary email addresses) receives quarantine notifications to their different email addresses, if they were given access to release those quarantined messages by themselves, can they release all of those messages including ones were sent to their secondary email address and quarantined ?

most of the email security gateway products (as far as I know) are aware of multiple email addresses could be owned by one user account (one UPN or one AD account for example) hence it could allow them to release any quarantined messages (eg: one sent to and one sent to for example), but I do know there are couple of products see those emails belong to two different users (which can be a problem).

if someone could shed some lights or test this scenario, that will be a great help !   I can think of below test steps to confirm this,

  1. Ensure test account (or your account) has multiple email addresses assigned (eg:, JK@CheckpointX, )
  2. Ensure test account (or your account) has ability to go into the quarantine and release them by themselves and user notification is enabled..  (this can be set by the policy from Infinity portal)
  3. Send a test phishing / spam email (which will get caught by HM) to both of these email addresses.
  4. Confirm the test account (or your account) has received those two emails and confirm if test account (or you) can release both of those emails from the quarantine site.



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