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Email & Collaboration - manual integration with Microsoft 365


I am doing the Manual Integration with Microsoft 365 following instruction steps in document --> Appendix (

Situation 1

At Step 2, while creating the New Mail Contact I am guided to enter the external email address:

"If your data residency is in Europe use (replace "{portal}" with your portal name):


Could someone please help me understand where I can find my portal name?

LATER EDIT --> solution

1. Login into your

2. Access section Harmony Email and Collaboration

3. On the left menu, right click on the "Events" menu and select Copy Link Address.

4. Paste it in a Notepad file for example --> should look like this -->

5. From the above URL you need to extract on this --> companyusermane10000000000000 --> and insert it into the template --> {portal} replacing the {portal}.


Situation 2 with resolution

At "Step 3 - Journal Rule" this config needs to be done in the new Microsoft Pureview Portal ( )--> Data lifecycle management > Exchange (legacy) > Journal rules


Best wishes, 


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