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DLP Office 365 Email

Hi All,


We are currently trialling the DLP policies for Office 365 in Harmony Email and Collaboration and I was wondering if people would be willing to share their experiences of this? 

We are trying to set it up so that various levels of allowed PII/PHI as we have people who do need to share various amounts of data, both internally and externally. In order to do this we have setup a compound rule (slightly annoying that we can only setup one of these ourselves) where it needs to have at least 3 items detected (such as name, email and address/post code) but we are coming across issues. Put simply the rules are blocking legit emails that have long chains as they are detecting hits from the compound rule, names and email addresses, and this is no good. Has anyone else come across such issues?

We're also having issues with the SharePoint and OneDrive polices on that they don't actually do anything, especially the SharePoint one. Again any advice or stories on issues you had here would be much appreciated

Many thanks in advance


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