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CloudGuard SaaS - subject: phishing alert!

Yesterday an email reached a user with the subject "Phishing Alert!". What we validate that comes from a friendly domain and that the attached pdf, which is a report of another security solution, contains in its fake and harmful url lines for evidence, now what we proceeded to do is to add the account of the exceptions sender but emails continue to arrive with the subject of alert to the aforementioned recipient. 

The domain you send is trustworthy and we know that the file by the nature of your data is true and accepted, as we can do so that the alert does not leave for that source of mail.


Please friends your support.


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Hi , same issue here . The excptions don't seem to work as expected and are mostly hit and miss, ideally like you we'd like to add a domain as whitelisted such as but it doesnt always work . Fingers crossed for the upgrade as the end of the year

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