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CheckMates Tips and Tricks: Email Security Best Practices (Avanan)

Thanks to those who joined our Tips and Tricks webinar on July 28. We hope you were able to learn some valuable information about Email Security. Here are some important links:

Here is the recording:


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Hi Mates,


Two items in need of clarification please, while these are related to two separate cases:


1) If a prospect is only using MS Teams for collaboration with the following MS documents: word, excel, access, publisher, projects and meetings: Can Harmony and Email Collaboration be configured to offer protection in this case?

2) In an instance where Harmony and Email Collaboration is configured (with Check Point evaluation licenses) to protect Google Workspace, there are two policies created. Both policies are in running state, first policy is created for Google Mail Threat Protection (Default) and the second is Click-Time Protection. After creating the second policy, Click-Time Protection, I am unable to find an option to change the policy order, to have the policy Google Mail Threat Protection (Default) be positioned at the top.


I looked at the guide on page 88, and found this “ Note - Policies are based on the order of precedence. Make sure your policies are applied in the proper order. You can adjust the policy order from the order column of Policy”.

Might there be any limitations in accessing the policy order when Harmony and Email Collaboration is in evaluation mode, what am I missing, because I can’t seem to find it?  

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